Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a library card?

It is FREE to start a library account. In order to obtain a library card, adult patrons and children 12 or older need to:  

• present a valid ID (driver's license or any postmarked item that has been received at their mailing address);

• indicate proof of their current mailing address;

• provide year of birth, telephone number and email address (if available). 

What is the replacement fee for a lost library card?

Library cards are good for 2 years from the date you receive one. After 2 years, we ask that you contact us to renew your library account. If you lose your library card the replacement fee is $1.00. 

How can I renew library materials?

Most items will automatically renew on their first due date. After that, you may ask to renew again in person or on the phone.

What if my address, phone number, or e-mail address changes?

Please let us know as soon as your information changes so your account can be kept up to date. If your address needs to be modified, please stop by with proof of address. While there are a variety of documents you can bring to show your address, many people choose to bring a piece of mail showing they have received mail at the new address.

What are the loan periods for various library materials?

For items owned by the Joshua Hyde Public Library:

Books are loaned for 3 weeks
Magazines are loaned for 1 week
DVDs & Blu-rays are loaned for 1 week
DVD sets (seasons of TV shows, etc.) are loaned for 2 weeks

All of these items all have a built-in automatic renewal which is the length of the initial check-out period.

The loan period for special items (hotspots, museum passes, telescope, etc.) varies.

Do you charge fines for overdue or late items?

As of January 1st, 2018, we are fine free!  We do not charge fines on any of our items, however, if an item is overdue more than four weeks, you will receive a bill for the replacement cost of the item. Please note that items owned by other libraries may possibly accrue fines.

What should I do if I lost or damaged an item I borrowed from the library?

The first thing to do is to call us and explain the entire situation. Sometimes we can accept brand new identical replacement copy of an item, other times the replacement cost may be paid. It is always best to speak with a staff member to see what the next steps are before taking any action.

Does the library have computers for public use?

The library has several computers available for public use.

Can I use my laptop in the library?

Yes, the library provides free wifi and power outlets.

Does the library have a copier for public use?

Yes, the library has a copier for public use. Black & white photocopies are $.15 each and color photocopies are $.40 each.

Does the library have a fax machine for public use?

Yes, the library has a fax machine for public use. The fee is $1.00 per page for both sending and receiving a fax. The fax number is: (508) 347-2872. Please let us know before having a fax sent to us. 

Do you accept donations of books, DVDs, etc?

The Friends of the Joshua Hyde Public Library accept book donations during their scheduled "Donation Drop-off" dates and times. Check our event calendar for upcoming donation times. 

How do I make a monetary donation to the library?

Please click here to be taken to the Friends of the Joshua Hyde Public Library's online donations page, or mail your payment made payable to "The Friends of the Joshua Hyde Library" to 306 Main St., Sturbridge, MA  01566.

How many items am I allowed to check out?

You may have a total of 50 items checked out, of which a total of only 20 may be video games, DVDs, and blu-rays.